Balcony Gallery

Balcony opened on September 2017. The emphasis will always be on representing and managing young artists or those who are at the beginning of their career. This gallery is willing to make new artists known and to give them support while it will try to establish long-term relationships, based on work developed jointly with its artists. 

This project is a result of the enthusiastic and crescent involvement of its owners – the Portuguese collectors Luís Neiva, Paulo Caetano and Pedro Magalhães. It also takes into account the art system and its agents and actors. At the same this gallery will try to contribute for the representation of younger artists who find it difficult to be represented. Balcony focuses on the creation of personalised career plans for its artists, making them participate in international art fairs, network with other galleries and art dealers as a way of creating new publics, especially new collectors – to motivate infrequent buyers to start collecting works by young artists. 

Rua Coronel Bento Roma 12 A