Beirut Contemporary

Beirut Contemporary art space is a multi-disciplinary space dedicated to promoting Middle-Eastern art and artists and consulting on cultural transformation as well as programming and researching. 

Beirut is a personal tie, a mystical place, and a real home for the founders.  Contemporary is the will to face the multi-layered challenges of a fast-paced environment, aiming to support a tomorrow that is worth being anticipated. 

Beirut stands exemplarily for complex environments, for the human will to be kind, alive and safe, facing an uncertain future, as much as it stands for the threat of power-abuse down to violent conflict.

Contemporary is, more than ever, the fact that societies and organizations face imminent challenges bigger than themselves, while in need of effective means to swiftly adapt to- or ideally make change.

We inspire with art and culture, promoting and exhibiting artists, building a reference for contemporary art from the Middle-East.

BC focuses on contemporary upcoming and established artists from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, to introduce Fine Art from the Middle East to Europe and an international public, in order to fascinate with its chronically actual content and artistic refinement. The portfolio of BC concentrates on painting, drawing, photography, graphics, sculpture, installation and film. BC curates artwork that fascinates with aesthetic appeal to a broad public, while gaining depth and value through the humane, social, cultural and philosophical reflection the artwork represents.

* Solidicity exhibition – Mohammed Joha

Rua do Ferragial 3, 1200-182 Lisboa