Galeria Francisco Fino

Galeria Francisco Fino began its activities in 2012 with the presentation of exhibitions in different cultural spaces the city of Lisbon. Operating in different territories — museological institutions and commercial establishments — the gallery presented itself, in the early years, in a nomadic format, in line with the dynamic of mobility of the contemporary a programme, with exhibitions of artists such as Fernanda Gomes, David Maljković, and Tris Vonna-Mitchell, among many others, positioned this mobile gallery project as a nonstop platform of presentation, diffusion and promotion of national and international contemporary art.

In 2017, Galeria Francisco Fino settled into a fixed location, while continuing to position itself within the full breadth of cultural geography through partnerships and links with diverse institutions and events that form the artistic network. The representation of artists of various nationalities is linked to a programme of cultural research, anchored in the production of critical analytical discourse through investment in a policy of regular publications and other supports of knowledge sharing. 

Rua Capitão Leitão, 76