The project emerged as a response to the lack of alternative models of cultural production in Lisbon. In this sense, Mono’s mission is to promote collective work among artists, in order to decode the future of alternative art centers. Mono intends to position itself as a new kind of artistic institution that seeks to enrich the development of critical thinking, concerned with questioning history, evolution, innovation and humanity.

It was conceived as a space where artistic production and its promotion and distribution are essential elements to think in and about society; it is a studio that hosts resident artists and a gallery with exhibitions of local, national and international artists, either individually or in groups.

We try to create a model of critical and theoretical support, as well as to provide a basis for collaboration between artists and a physical platform for the development of the arts: both visual arts and, for example, musical events that we call “circle sessions” or contemporary dance and performance presentations.

Rua Feio Terenas 31A, 1170-176 Lisboa