Currently based in Luanda and Lisbon, MOVART – the first commercial art gallery in Angola – opened its doors at the beginning of 2017 in Marginal, Luanda. The main mission is to guarantee that the world knows about Africa and its diaspora, not for a notion of alterity or “exoticism”, but because these artists express realities and discourses in many cases Invisibles,
or sub represented, in the international artistic scenario.

MOVART is showing that contemporary African art is not a trend, but a permanent element in the art market, giving the opportunity that artists can have the attention and acknowledgment
that they deserve. With a focus on African artists and It’s diaspora, MOVART is committed to raising internationally its profile, exposing for a global audience with the rich artistic language of a little- known reality …

AIR IHOSVA by Ihosvanny

Rua João Penha RC 14A, 1250-131 Lisboa, Portugal