THIS NOT A WHITE CUBE is an international contemporary art gallery, with exhibition spaces in Angola and Portugal.

The gallery represents and collaborates with established and emerging artists, contributing to the expansion of the art universe, and that all its movements must populate the world.

Our programme of exhibitions, as well as the development of projects and participation in renowned international art fairs, enhance the narrative constructions with a historical focus. At the same time, contemporary artistic manifestations are highlighted in the context of a globalised world, with particular focus towards the display of conceptions on social transformations and impact, questions of identity and anthropological memory, heritage and cultural concearns.

THIS NOT A WHITE CUBE, was created by Sónia Ribeiro, art adviser and consultant of cultural projects who, in 2016, was the founder of a project of this nature in Angola. Since then, the growth of an auspicious portfolio of artists, together with multiple initiatives in collaboration with private and public institutions, both locally and internationally, has generated recognition in the art millieu. As a result of this work, the gallery is one of the best structured agents in its area of origin, with an important international presence.

Rua da Emenda 72, 1200-170 Lisboa