Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea

ZARATAN – ARTE CONTEMPOR NEA is a non-profit Cultural Association founded in November 2014 by a group of artists with the intention of creating conditions for production, contemplation, experimentation and artistic research in close connection with the specific context of city ​​of Lisbon. Zaratan is the first contemporary art gallery to be installed on Rua de São Bento, in an area mainly dedicated to local commerce and the antique and antique trade. Currently, the association is part of an axis that includes around 10 spaces for the exhibition of contemporary art, contributing to and benefiting from initiatives such as openings and other parallel cultural events.

With its practice, ZARATAN defends an interdisciplinary attitude that aims to promote a deeper understanding of the artistic languages ​​of the present, by proposing new ways of interacting with artists and non-artists. The projects carried out over the years have brought a new way of telling the evolution of contemporary reality, bringing the public closer to new and different possibilities for deepening and reflection, stimulating discussion through the first exhibitions of emerging artists, individual and collective exhibitions, lectures and get-togethers.

Reflecting a complementary position to institutional and commercial cultural spaces, Zaratan’s activities are guided by 6 fundamental axes: exhibitions, residencies, parallel events, online presence, festivals and publishing. Since its opening, and in almost seven years of continuous independent activity, we have organized over 200 exhibitions, around 70 artist residencies, 5 festivals; we produce hundreds of editions and thousands of side events: concerts, performances, laboratories, debates, projections, multimedia events and other ephemeral interventions.

Rua de São Bento 432, 1250-221 Lisboa