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.insofar is the newest contemporary art gallery in Portugal. Founded by Hugo Carvalho and later inviting Inês Valle to be the artistic director, both with a trajectory that spans countries as diverse as Angola, Australia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Through its programme, it aims to inspire worldwide audiences to quest for a better understanding of the power, beauty and complexity of diversity. Its international programme defies stereotypes and recasts the correlations between artist-worker-public. Set in an old match factory from the beginning of the 20th century in the historic quarter of Marvila, .insofar invites artists and curators to share knowledge and cultivate human relationships. It will contribute to cultural and artistic growth by fostering inter-generational complicity among those who believe that “people are the most important thing”.

.insofar currently represents the following artists: Marcelo Brodsky (Argentina), Edson Chagas (Angola), Cecília Costa (Portugal), Nikki Luna (Philippines), Maja Marx (South Africa), Cristiano Mangovo (Angola), António Ole (Angola), Miguel Palma (Portugal), Isaque Pinheiro (Portugal) and Graeme Williams (South Africa).

Image: Cecilia Costa, Elastic With Ball, 456X76cm. Charcoal On Paper



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Opening hours: Thu.—Sat. 14.00-19.00