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La Junqueira is an artist residency created in 2018, a place for production, dissemination and promotion of art.

La Junqueira aims to promote the artistic expression through the immersion of Portuguese and international plastic artists in the (re)discovery and enhancement of the city of Lisbon in all its aspects: cultural, architectural, historical, sociological…

The Residency is also open to curators wishing to stay in Lisbon for their research and productions related to the city.

La Junqueira residency welcomes the artist EDUARDO FREITAS from September to December 2022. During this 3-month residency project, the artist will realize artistic expeditions through restaurants in the Belém area to explore the iconography of regional food and the political, social, cultural and historical issues of working around the act of eating. For the creation of his pieces, he will develop sculptures, videos and performances whose titles make puns with the names of typical Lisbon dishes and idiomatic expressions of the Portuguese language, found in Portugal and Brazil.

From November 10th to 13rd, EDUARDO FREITAS will have the pleasure of welcoming visitors every day wishing to discover the artist’s creative process by visiting his studio.



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