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PADA / Sluice Magazine


PADA is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation based in Barreiro in Lisbon’s South Bay, located within the old Companhia União Fabril (CUF) industrial park. Created in 2018, PADA provides artists with a space to develop their practice, interact with other artists, and explore new approaches in a post-industrial environment.

PADA promotes interaction with the local community through projects and artistic interventions that engage with their environment.

Over the last three years, PADA has worked with over 180 artists from more than 20 countries, counting 135 residencies. As part of the Studio & Gallery Programmes, PADA has organised more than 30 exhibitions.

Sluice is a non-profit artist and curator-led initiative that since 2011 has worked exclusively with other non-profit artist and curator-led initiatives.

Sluice strategically adopts structures in order to showcase artist, curator and emergent discourse, projects and galleries. Our focus is transnationally local, i.e we’re focused on the local – globally.

Sluice is concerned with art as praxis, both in regards of the impact of the societal and economic environment on the arts but also how the arts can in turn impact our societal and economic environment. Since 2011 we have staged fairs and biennials in London, expos in New York and Berlin, we have been a gallery a film prize and a residency. Sluice publishes an eponymous biannual magazine.


Address: Rua 42, n2, Parque Empressarial Baia do Tejo, Barreiro, 2830 914
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Opening Hours: 13. Nov. Sun. 14.00-18.00