Atelier Concorde

Atelier Concorde is an open place for work, exhibition and debate created in January 2010 by a group of artists, constituted as a cultural association in July 2011. Flexible and moldable by the contributions of the creators who have integrated it since then, it has been through various configurations to develop activities along four axes: the establishment of working spaces conducive to the exchange of experiences, the regular programming of exhibitions, the hosting of artists in residence and the creation of exchanges with similar organizations.

Atelier Concorde is ruled by an inclusive management principle, where artists working in it and others who cross paths with it can influence the course of events: opinions, plans, ideas are summoned in a fertile communication between people and disciplines. With a multidisciplinary and dialogue-based understanding of both artistic practice and its dissemination, the 700 m2 space it occupies between the Graça and Santa Apolónia neighborhoods is a reflection of this strategy, with studios communicating with each other to foster internal debate and an exhibition and residency room to ensure a connection to the outside.

Exhibitions began to occur regularly in 2011. Since 2013, exchanges with similar organizations have been initiated, in order to broaden the geographical and creative scope of Atelier Concorde, providing its artists with new territories of intervention. Simultaneously, Atelier Concorde organizes workshops and training actions for new audiences.

Rua Leite Vasconcelos 43A, 1170-198 Lisboa