DUPLEX I Artists in Residence

Located in Graça, DUPLEX I Artists in Residence is an independent platform, founded and managed  by  the artist  Susana  Rocha, that occupies,  since October 2019, a space of about 1000m2, which houses a non commercial gallery, 10 artists’ studios that develop their work  there permanently,  as well as an open space for artists in residence who frequent the programs launched throughout the year. Seeking to stimulate creative processes, experimentation and plastic production as well as the discourse that these dynamics originate, DUPLEX presents itself as a privileged territory for the coexistence of different artists, different ways of creating and different ways of thinking about the work of art and its context. Valuing advances and setbacks, valuing error, failure, and disruption as participants in contemporary praxis, the entire structure and functioning of the Duplex  seeks, in addition  to celebrating  the final results, to bring the public closer to the conceptual and procedural richness of artistic creation.

DUPLEX’s gallery program is focused on young national and international artists, seeking to support and give visibility to their work, and to present works that usually cannot be hosted in traditional spaces.

Rua Angelina Vidal 31 C, 1170-017 Lisboa