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Appleton is a place of experimentation and learning, equipped to receive, promote and present diverse expressions of contemporary art. With the legacy of eleven years of Appleton Square, it now occupies a clearly complementary position to commercial galleries, as an independent, non-profit association, and intends to continue contributing to the production, contemplation and promotion of the ideas and practice of contemporary art. Its programmes are divided between Square, where exhibitions of a longer duration take place, and Box, which is set up to present performance, dance, music, film, theatre, discussions, courses and even exhibitions of a shorter duration, with a decidedly faster pace and informal atmosphere. Appleton’s intention is to be a platform available to any artist to show their work in Lisbon and eventually other places, through opportunities that could arise from partnerships and exchanges with other spaces of the same kind. Despite being a non-profit organisation, Appleton is still linked to the market as the artists and respective galleries are free to sell what they exhibit there. In terms of sustainability, Appleton is predominantly dependant on private donations and sponsors. Public donations will primarily be used to support artists and the production and realisation of the artworks.

Image Credit: Pedro Tropa




Address:Rua Acácio Paiva, 27 r/c; 1700-004 Lisboa
Phone:+351 919111096

Opening Hours: Thu.-Sat. 14:00-19:00