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Balcony Gallery


Balcony Contemporary Art Gallery appeared in 2017, adding one more reference to the art map of Lisbon. Located in Alvalade, in an old store of Edifício América, it was transformed in a generous exhibition space with an area of over 220m2 with two floors which allows the creation of different circuits and exhibition room.
The Gallery exhibits emerging artists, both Portuguese and foreign, Portugal and abroad. The progressive participation in national and international art fairs, together with the creation of projects in and out of the gallery has made the artists more visible, supporting and presenting several interdisciplinar projects.

Artist: Nuno Nunes-Ferreira “Memória de um arquivo” 

Image Credit: João Neves; Courtesy: Balcony Gallery


Address: Rua Coronel Bento Roma 12A, 1700-122 Lisboa, Portugal
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Opening Hours: Thu.—Sat. 14:00-19:30