Lisbon Art Weekend

Dialogue Gallery


Welcome to Dialogue, an art gallery that seeks to revive the spirit of bygone eras when art spaces were more than just a display of creativity; they were lively salons, buzzing with intellectual conversation and cultural discourse. Taking inspiration from the grand salons of the past, Dialogue embodies the spirit of these dynamic gatherings, where artists, critics, and aficionados congregated to discuss, dissect, and appreciate art. Our gallery is not merely a space for showcasing art; it is a platform for conversation, an arena for debate, and a cradle for new ideas.

Image Credit: Vasco Stocker Vilhena 


Address: Rua Afonso Annes Penedo, 1 A
Phone:+351 910927928
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Opening Hours: Thu.—Sat. 11:00-19:00 Sun. 12.00-17.00