Lisbon Art Weekend



ERITAGE is located in the Portuguese capital, in front of MNAA (National Museum of Ancient Art), inspiring us to create a space open to intercultural dialogue in search of new formats and creative processes.

Bringing together artists, curators and researchers, our gallery raises critical questions about current movements in contemporary societies, furthering conceptual research on the social, cultural and natural changes taking place in society today. Thus, our curatorial approach focuses on artists and curators working at the crossroads of post-colonialism and human diaspora, movements and migrations, sustainability, waste and overconsumption, the loss of cultural identity and the unprecedented challenges of modern society.

Therefore, we develop artistic projects in order to promote experiences capable of dissolving the boundaries between the artist and the public, between the work and the spectator, with the purpose of stimulating a new ethical perception, of participation, collectivity, and change.

Image Credit: Lauren Roche


Address: Rua das Janelas Verdes, 128B
Phone:+351 919218136
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Opening Hours: Thu.—Fri. 12.00-19.00 Sat.—Sun. 12.00-17.00