Lisbon Art Weekend

Galeria 111



Founded in 1964 by Manuel de Brito, with a career spanning more than five decades, Galeria 111 displays a varied exhibition program, exhibiting a wide range of the most representative national and international artists. In 2020, the gallery moved its headquarters to the renovated space located at Rua Dr. João Soares, 5B, in Lisbon, offering an exhibition space, a large area to display its collection, and private parking. Under the directorship of Rui Brito and Maria Arlete Alves da Silva, Galeria 111 continues to promote the launching of publications as well as to collaborate with public and private institutions in the dissemination of Portuguese contemporary art.


Address:Rua Dr. João Soares 5B, 1600-060 Lisboa
Phone:+351 217977418
Web Page:

Opening Hours during LAW: Thu.— Sat.