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Galeria Diferença


Diferença Comunicação Visual CRL is a non-profit cultural cooperative, founded on January 30, 1979 by Ernesto de Sousa, Helena Almeida, Irene Buarque, António Palolo, Monteiro Gil, José Conduto, José Carvalho, Fernanda Pissarro, Marília Viegas and Maria Rolim.

The foundations of Cooperativa Diferença were laid in 1977 through Alternativa Zero, a pivotal point for contemporary Portuguese art. An exhibition organized by the artist Ernesto Sousa, whose centenary we recently celebrated.

Later in 1985, in recognition of our pioneer work to support young artists we were granted a declaration of public utility, which was also due to our close collaboration with Quadrum Gallery, the CAPC of Coimbra, Cooperativa Árvore do PortoVostell Museum of Malpartida de CáceresMAC of S. Paulo in ‘81 and ‘85, Art Micro with the Brazilian Concrete Poetry Group and the creation of the Photography Biennial with the Vila Franca de Xira Chamber with Américo Silva, the Portuguese Sculpture Center and GIEFARTE / Fundação Carmona e Costa.

Workshops in areas such as engraving, photography and screen printing often take place in our first floor studios, dedicated  to learning activities and self-publishing. We are a non-profit gallery that remains an open door to young artists in the beginning of their career. Settled in a historical space that is both collaborative and public and that throughout this 42 year endeavor, continues to develop educational and cultural programs.


Address:Rua São Filipe Neri, 42 C/V
Phone:+351 213832193
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Opening Hours: Thu.—Fri. 14:00-19:00 Sat. 15.00-20.00