Lisbon Art Weekend

Galeria Miguel Nabinho


Galeria Miguel Nabinho opened in 2000 and is today one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the Iberian Peninsula, representing some of its greatest artists (Pedro Cabrita Reis, Pedro Calapez, Ana Jotta, Jorge Molder, etc.) Despite having its institutional and private collectors base based in Spain and Portugal, its artists have worldwide recognition with exhibitions in the largest museums in Europe and USA.

The communicational content (interviews, videos, publications, photographs) that Galeria Miguel Nabinho produces for its artists has allowed its digital communication to be on par with the largest galleries, museums and institutions in the world. This has allowed an exponential growth of the gallery and its artists in recent years.

The success of Galeria Miguel Nabinho is due to the close relationship it has with its artists, allowing them the freedom and confidence to constantly do their best work.


Address: Rua Tenente Ferreira Durão 18-B
Phone:+351 213830834
Web Page:

Opening Hours: Thu.—Sat. 10:00-19:00