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The HANGAR project seeks to organise and produce transdisciplinary artistic projects in the area of Visual Arts, promoting research, production, experimentation, creation and artistic innovation, with the fundamental objective of developing new spaces for creation, discussion and sharing between artists, curators, researchers and the target audience / viewer. The artistic proposal aims to develop a programme in contemporary arts giving rise to research, production and reflection of new artistic practices by articulating artistic creation with scientific and academic knowledge in order to enrich the personal and collective path of artists, in their relationship with curators, theorists, researchers and national and international cultural agents. HANGAR includes a programme of activities that will be articulated through 5 axes of action: 1) artistic residencies (national and international cultural and artistic exchange); 2) Exhibitions (at Hangar and itinerant); 3) Participation (training, criticism and thinking); 4) Documents (publications, website, documentary videos); 5) Research.
The HANGAR project seeks to offer the Portuguese artistic community and the general public conditions that allow constant questioning about contemporary visual culture through a programme that promotes creative practice in interaction with artistic research, encouraging a greater focus on the creative process and critical thinking. We intend to implement an unusual approach in the visual arts in Portugal, which consists of promoting an effective cultural exchange through a programme of exhibitions and artistic residencies with a strong critical aspect of research and participation. The production and reflection on creative processes, with curatorial and artistic support, combined with a strong link to local development through the educational and public programme, are prominent aspects of the project.

The invited artists and curators, in the context of the development of their artistic projects, will be encouraged to establish interactions with the place, its geographical and social space, its identity and memory. The programme will have an important component of artistic interventions oriented to the local community and a programme of events (artists talks, seminars, masterclass, workshops), designed to capture diverse audiences.


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Opening Hours: Thu. — Sat. 15.00 – 19.00