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Jahn und Jahn


In 2017, Fred Jahn and Matthias Jahn’s galleries merged to form Jahn und Jahn. After a long collaboration with Heiner Friedrich, Fred Jahn founded Galerie Fred Jahn in Munich in 1978. Since then the focus of his program has been on international contemporary artists such as Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter, Per Kirkeby, and Fred Sandback. In 2008, Matthias Jahn opened his own gallery at Baaderstraße in Munich, which initially concentrated on young artists from Günther Förg’s milieu. The gallery later expanded its program to likewise engage with international contemporary art. In 2018, Tim Geissler became a partner at Jahn and Jahn to support the gallery with his knowledge and experience. In 2022, Jahn and Jahn founded a gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. Close collaboration with the artists as well as a thorough understanding of forms of artistic expression have been central to the identity of the galleries from the beginning. Significant here are also the numerous publications, published by the galleries themselves, which have accompanied exhibitions in both locations. Jahn und Jahn intends to continue in this vein.

Image Credit: Jahn und Jahn Lisboa, 2022 © Photodocumenta


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