Lisbon Art Weekend



The gallery is based in the historical neighborhood of Madragoa, that gives the name to the space itself and acts as a statement: the project of the gallery looks at how to set a deep conversation with the city and its extraordinary potential, not only by representing Portuguese artists, but also by enabling the local production of each show, also from artists from abroad, setting a dialogue within global artistic practices and local craftsmanship and ideas. The gallery will constantly create experiences of research and production for its artists locally and promotes its program also through the participation to a number of international Art Fairs and projects. At the moment, the gallery represents artists from Portugal, Italy, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Brazil, and South Africa while keeping on researching.


Madragoa opened on April 28th, 2016 with a solo exhibition, mainly produced in Portugal after a production experience of a month and a half, by the Italian artist Renato Leotta. In its short history Madragoa supported ambitious productions of artists such as Adrián Balseca, Rodrigo Hernández, Belén Uriel, Buhlebezwe Siwani and Joanna Piotrowska and supported very young artists such as Yuli Yamagata and Gonçalo Preto. 


From September 2020, Madragoa opened a new exhibition space in a bigger location (Machadinho41) next to the original one (Machadinho45) with the second solo exhibition by Belén Uriel.


Address: Rua do Machadinho 45 1200-705 Lisboa
Phone:+351 213901699
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