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mono, located in Penha de França, in Lisbon, was created by Hugo Cantegrel, a Parisian artist who moved to the Portuguese capital in 2015. It has around 800m² distributed between exhibition, concert and performance space, studio spaces and also an artistic residence capable of housing two artists.

The project emerged in 2019 as a response to the lack of alternative models of cultural production in Lisbon. In this sense, mono’s mission is to promote collective work between national and international artists, in order to decode the future of alternative art centres. mono positions itself as an artistic institution that seeks to enrich the development of critical thinking, concerned with questioning history, evolution, innovation and humanity.

Hugo believes that mono should be a living space, in constant movement. That is, that the space easily changes from one project to another, with a flexible structure, both architecturally and organizationally, allowing projects to always mirror the evolution of the way they are produced, presented and disseminated to the public.

The dynamic of the space is crucial for it to become an experimental field, generating permanent research and questioning on artistic issues of contemporary practices.

The vision of an “artist-run-space” includes conditions of sustainability, interdisciplinarity and multiculturalism.



Address: Rua Feio Terenas 31A 1170-176 Lisboa
Phone:+351 913174690
Web Page:

Opening hours: Thu. 18.00-20.00 Fri.— Sun. 14.00-19.00