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MOVART gallery – the first commercial gallery in Angola – opened its door in early 2017 on the Marginal of Luanda and in 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. Since its beggining, the project created by founder Janire Bilbao, has participaded in high-profile art fairs in Madrid, Paris, London, NYC, Miami, Johannesburg and Cape Town, to name a few, and has organized multiple exhibitions with guest curators and dozens of pop-up shows and events all over the world. Now, MOVART Luanda is mainly focused on artistic residency projects and talent discovery while MOVART Lisboa is dedicated to promoting exhibition projects that allow new names to be presented and support the internationalisation of the gallery’s artists and program.

MOVART is notably interested in ensuring that the world gets to know all that Africa, its Diaspora, in particular Portuguese-speaking, have to offer; not because of a perceived ‘otherness’ or exoticism but as these artists express a reality and discourse which is often invisible or under represented on the international art scene.

Most importantly, MOVART believes in the creation of a globalised world where open-mindedness prevails, exposing people to the diversity of realities. By reaching out for our common humanity and be more critical of the world we live in. It is MOVART’s belief that art is an essential player in order to achieve this.

Image Credit: David Brits


Address: R. João Penha 14A, 1250-025 Lisboa
Phone:+351 211358007

Opening Hours: Thu.—Sat. 12:00-19:00