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Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea


ZARATAN is a non-profit Cultural Association founded in 2014 by a group of artists with the intention of creating conditions for artistic production, contemplation and research. ZARATAN’s main objective is to support new forms of artistic production in the visual arts, through support for creation and exhibition. We propose diversity in approaches, discourses and formats, with emphasis on experimental, interdisciplinary practices and the development of new media.

With almost 8 years of existence as a heritage, ZARATAN now assumes a position clearly complementary to commercial galleries, as an independent association. It became an unavoidable project in the context of the city of Lisbon as a space for artistic creation, a recognition achieved through an ambitious program, the growing media visibility and relevance of the invited artists. To underline, the effective relationship with local agents and structures, which form the calendar and cultural ecosystem of a city in transformation.

Image Credit: 1- Filipe Vilas Boas, CarryingTheCross,2019

2- Advantages of Poisonous Plants, Roi Carmeli, 2019


Address: Rua de São Bento 432-434, 1250-221 Lisboa
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